Astral Lady D3O

Brand: Furygan

The “Astral Glove" expresses a true form of elegance, but beyond its design is a summer glove that is designed with technology for your comfort and protection.

Glove colour
2-5 workdays 69,99

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* Astral Lady D3O is CE approved as PPE
• Made of goatleather, for flexibility and maximum resistance.
• D3O protector for metacarpals.
• The palm features a foam and leather reinforcement.
• The D3O metacarpal shell brings an unrivalled comfort, by suppressing potential hard points.
• Dubble wrist adjuster.
• Perforated leather on the fingers to ensure good airflow.
• The astral also includes Furygan Sensetive Science: the forefingers and thumbs are equipped with a specific insert, allowing for the use of touchscreen devices.